Our Coffee

At HBC we proudly choose for high quality coffee.

That is why Coffee Supreme was our top choice!

Coffee supreme is medium dark roasted with full-bodied richness, complexity and depth. A lingering cocoa finish to top it all off.

If you want less caffeine in your coffee, we offer the Brazilian Swiss Decaf.

Our standard coffees are standard double shots. Of course single and triple shots are available as well.

We choose to use organic barista milk and also proudly offer

  • Trim milk
  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk

Besides we offer sweeteners and flavours – Vanilla | Hazelnut | Caramel -. Our offer includes the beautifully Hakanoa handmade spicy Chai syrup.

Next to coffees, we also have our t Leaf range of teas including the NZ Kawakawa tea, known as the pharmacy of the forest.